Vote summer Groubert for Colorado House District 18


Finance and Research

Over 20 years of Financial Management:

Treasurer of the Board at a Charter School in Colorado Springs

Full Charge Bookkeeper for dozens of local small and large businesses

Forensic Bookkeeping investigating accounts to prepare cases for court.

Genetic Genealogist - Helping adults who were adopted discover their biological mother and father.

Medical Research - Informed Consent should only be given by an adult for themself or their minor children and must include a full discloser of risks and side effects. 



PRO-LIFE - Founder of Born to Worship, an event held at the Colorado State Capital to lament that Colorado was the first state to sign abortion into law on April 25, 1967. It is time to repent before God and request mercy to abolish this ongoing tragedy.

CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY - The government has no business making money off permits or collecting lists of law-abiding citizens.

End Woke Sectarian Ideology from being taught in our schools. The Colorado Constitution bans Sectarianism from being funded and from Sectarian doctrines and tenets from being taught in public schools.  

READ & LISTEN: Opt-Out and WATCH: Sexual Sabotage.

ELECTION INTEGRITY - I endorse Tina Peters for Colorado Secretary of State, David "Let's Go Brandon" Williams for US Congress, Peter Lupia for El Paso County Clerk and Recorder, Lindsey Moore for El Paso County Commissioner in District 1, David Winney for El Paso County Commissioner in District 5, Ken DeGraaf for House District 22 and all other Top Line Candidates.

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UCCS Alumni

Water Rights - Protecting wells and natural springs for residential homeowners.

Access to Hiking, Camping, Fishing and Hunting - Do you remember when Obama blockaded Coloradoans from accessing their homes in National Forests areas because a federal budget was not passed? I do, as your representative I will protect your right to access your home and your land.

Fire Resources and Mitigation - No one suffered more from the Waldo Canyon Fire than the residents of House Districts 14, 18 and 20, yet the state is still neglecting necessary fire mitigation. I helped provide resources to train youth in providing mitigation services for House District 18 households. I know the importance of providing training, resources and education to every Coloradan and visitor to Colorado to protect our homes, property and public parks. 

Property Rights - Several of my close relatives have lost their homes in fires in California due to unmaintained forests and infrastructure. Democrat bureaucrats require paperwork to be approved before a homeowner can cut down their own tree. After fire destroyed their homes the Democrat Legislature passed costly and non-environmental friendly building codes to make it nearly impossible for them to rebuild. I will protect your right to protect your home.

Law-abiding christian

As a children pastor's wife I have assisted in classroom management, writing sermons and leadership training. Building an in-depth curriculum that focused on relationship with Jesus (Pronounced Yeshua in the original Hebrew) and included historic, scientific and archeological discoveries.

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance 1969